About 121 Systems

Find out what makes us tick

It's all too easy to be scared off by change, but change is what makes things develop and progress and become better. 121 provide sophisticated transport management technology for the optimisation of logistics and business processes within a forward thinking and future proofing enterprises. The ones that welcome change with open arms!

121 Systems Ltd was founded in 2002. Since the company’s inception and experience with multiple transportation software solutions is on a global level; its main aim has been to provide a dedicated and passionate service that specialises in the  research and development, implementation and support of sophisticated transport management software that ultimately results in safe, sustainable and efficient logistics processes, so enabling "On-Time-In-Full" (OTIF) service to your customers as promised by you!

We are keen to learn and excel, this culture and mindset has enabled us to gain valuable insights into other industries and how their logistics processes and transport operations work. Because of this we have been able to assist numerous clients located across a wide variety of industry types. Below is a chart giving you an example of where our client base is situated.


We want to be known as the market leader for designing, developing and implementing effective and high quality transport optimisation technology solutions. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and help them to increase their own customer satisfaction whilst providing ideal working environments for our own employees too.


User Value

The foundation of our work is simple. The more value for the user – the more value for the enterprise. True value for the user can only be achieved through great experiences. This is the basis of our approach. We take our products and services from a relevant idea and functional solution to an advantageous product and extraordinary experience. This is what we encourage our clients to visualise and achieve.